Chris Thomas

Technology Manager | Entrepreneur

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Who Am I?

Growing Up

I grew up in Southern Indiana outside of a city called Vincennes, Indiana. I grew up very involved in my grandfather’s heating and cooling business, Thomas Refrigeration. I was super involved in our band and went on to become an All State trumpet player and our Marching Band Drum Major for 3 years. After high school, I joined the Army Reserve and went to Purdue University! After school, I moved to Dallas, TX to work at State Farm!

Husband and Father

In this area of my life, I am blessed beyond comprehension. I have a beautiful wife that I’ve been married to for 6 years. We are blessed with two babies, Oakley (2) and Oliver (3 months). I am new to this father thing, but they have sparked a new meaning in my life that has transformed me. I love spending time with them, but most days, I want the time to slow down.

A image of my family

Problem Solver and Engineering Technologist

I love solving problems whether they are big ones, small ones, organizational ones, or engineering ones. I love technology! I love technology because it enables me to create solutions that can scale and be customized to whatever solution is needed.


As mentioned above, I’m a problem solver so I am always looking for problems to solve for individuals and businesses. This passion was ignited at a young age working for my Grandfather in the family Heating and Cooling business in small town Indiana. This is where I learned about hard work, customer service, and persistence. I translate all of those lessons into how I approach work today whether for my full time job or a side project for a small business!


Relaxing is as important as working hard. I have to find some time for myself. Some of the hobbies that I’m interested in right now are sports, video games and golf. I went to Purdue University so I’m always down to watch any Purdue sports! I have always loved video games so this is a natural hobby for me. Golf is new to me. I’ve been playing for about a year, and I am enjoying it! I’m not very good at golf, but if anyone needs a scramble partner that will increase your handicap and will make decent shots once in a while, I am your guy!

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